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Mt. Zion Archaeological Dig: Uncovering the Past, Shaping the Present

The city of Jerusalem is a mirror and a microcosm of our human, cultural, religious, and historical heritage. The unique Mount Zion archaeological excavation for which I photograph and fundraise, exposes the artifacts of Jerusalem’s past: Jewish, Early Roman, Byzantine and Islamic.  The dig in conjunction with The Jerusalem Initiative is both an instructive metaphor and a powerful catalyst for understanding and shaping our collective present as it uncovers and preserves the past.  Understanding Jerusalem's complex cultural history opens new ways of thinking about sacred and secular space, exchange, conflict, sustainability, leadership, innovation, loss, grief, mourning, and reconciliation. The Jerusalem Initiative brings together academics, students, business leaders, systems thinkers, community representatives, and global leaders around Jerusalem.   With its symbolic, mythical, and literal complexities, the Mount Zion archaeological excavation provides a forum and a laboratory for innovation and creativity on a global scale.  

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Mount Zion Reflection

Mount Zion Reflection